Lemon Ginger Turmeric Wellness Shots

These lemon ginger turmeric shots are packed with good-for-you ingredients and are super simple to prepare at home.

3 shot glasses containing wellness shots, alongside some lemon, black pepper, turmeric and honey

Whether you’re looking to beat the flu or add some nutrients into your morning routine, these lemon ginger turmeric shots are a great place to start. This easy recipe will help you to save $$ on expensive ginger shots by making your own at home.

Wellness shots are packed with good-for-you ingredients like honey, ginger, and lemon, and are super simple to prepare in your blender – no juicer required! If you’re looking for more easy juice recipes, I know you’ll love this carrot, orange and ginger juice.

What are ginger shots?

If you’ve never had a ginger shot before, it’s a concentrated dose of ginger and other good-for-you ingredients, which you’re supposed to drink like a shot! 

Despite their name, ginger shots do NOT contain alcohol, and are in fact the antithesis of an alcoholic drink. They’re full of antioxidants and nutrients to look after your gut health and immune system. And they taste GOOD – win win!

three glasses of ginger shots next to some lemon slices and black pepper

What ingredients will I need?

To make your own wellness shots at home, you will need: 

  • Ginger. Of course! Use fresh ginger root here. There’s no need to peel it as we will be straining the ginger shots before serving.
  • Lemons. Again, fresh is always best! If you can splash the cash for organic, even better.
  • Apples. Use your FAVOURITE apples here – my current favourite is Royal Gala. This is a good excuse to use up any apples you have lying around which are turning a little soft. Of course, do not use cooking apples in this recipe as they will be too sour.
  • Oranges. Big, small – whatever you fancy.
  • Turmeric. Powdered turmeric works just fine here, if you have fresh turmeric root on hand then this is preferred!
  • Honey. This golden elixir is packed with antioxidants – I recommend using the highest quality organic honey you can purchase as it will contain more nutrients. Avoid cheap supermarket honey at all costs, as this is often just flavoured sugar syrup!
  • Black pepper. This may seem like a peculiar addition, but black pepper increases the efficacy of turmeric in the body by up to 2000%! And for a statistic like that, it’s well worth the addition. You won’t even taste it 🙂
  • Water. Use cold, filtered water to ensure that your ginger shots will last long in the fridge. For a tropical twist, you can also substitute coconut water!

The best thing about this recipe is that it’s completely customisable – if you’re running low on citrus, or don’t like one of the ingredients, you can simply leave it out 🙂

You may also wish to add some other ingredients to your ginger shots, such as pineapple, cayenne pepper, or fresh mango. And if you’re a big mango fan like me, you’ll love my creamy mango lassi recipe.

How to make lemon ginger turmeric shots step-by-step

As always, you can find the full recipe and instructions at the bottom of this blog post.

Ginger shots are so easy to prepare at home with just a few simple steps.

First, slice all the fruits and ginger, and add to a blender along with the rest of the ingredients (photo 1).

Add the filtered water (or coconut water) to the blender and blend everything until it is smooth (photo 2).

Strain out the chunks from the ginger shots using a fine mesh sieve (photo 3). Then pour the ginger shots into your favourite glasses or bottles and enjoy!

Tips for making the best ginger shots 

Now you’ve learnt how simple it is to make lemon ginger turmeric shots, here are some tips for the best outcome:

  1. Buy the freshest ingredients you can find. Not only will this yield the best tasting ginger shots, but you’ll also benefit from more nutrients and antioxidants from the fresher ingredients.
  2. Use a fine mesh sieve or cheesecloth to strain the ginger shots. NO ONE likes lumps in their ginger shots – not cool.
  3. Properly store your ginger shots. You can store them in cute bottles, you can use your old water bottle…just make sure it’s airtight so the ginger shots last long! 


Can I make ginger shots in advance?

Absolutely! Store the prepared shots in airtight bottles in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Ensure you shake them well before serving. Please note that for maximum potency and antioxidants, ginger shots are best enjoyed immediately.

Which blender is best for making ginger shots?

I use my trusty Vitamix S30 blender to make these ginger shots, and all of my homemade juices and smoothies. However, you can use any blender that you own for this recipe as we will be straining out any chunks that do not get blended. 

Do I have to drink ginger shots…like a shot?

Whilst this is the recommended method of consumption, it’s totally fine to sip your ginger shots like a sophisticated individual 🙂

Can I replace fresh turmeric with ground  turmeric?

Yes, you can substitute fresh turmeric with powdered turmeric. You can substitute 1 tsp of ground turmeric for the 2 inch size piece of fresh turmeric.

Can I skip the black pepper?

Whilst black pepper enhances the absorption of curcumin (the key active component of turmeric), you can skip it if you prefer. But I HIGHLY recommend adding for the health benefits! You won’t taste it, I promise 🙂

a glass containing a wellness shot surrounded by some ingredients


Store the ginger shots in any airtight bottle or container in the fridge for up to 3 days. I love preparing a batch of ginger shots at the weekend to enjoy throughout the week! 

You can also FREEZE ginger shots in an ice cube tray. Enjoy the frozen cubes as they are, or defrost them in the fridge overnight to enjoy the next day.

Note that for maximum potency and health benefits, ginger shots are best consumed immediately after making.

I hope you enjoy this recipe! If you make it, please leave a rating + review below and share your photos on Instagram tagging #shivanilovesfood!

three glasses of ginger shots next to some lemon slices and black pepper

Lemon Ginger Turmeric Wellness Shots

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Prep15 minutes
Total15 minutes
Serves4 shots
These lemon ginger turmeric shots are packed with good-for-you ingredients and are super simple to prepare at home.
Author: Shivani Raja


  • 1 Lemon large and unwaxed
  • 1 Orange either one large orange or 2-3 smaller oranges
  • 2 Apples any sweet variety works well – I like Royal Gala
  • 2 inch piece Ginger the fresher the better
  • 2 inch piece Turmeric Root can substitute 1 tsp powdered turmeric
  • 1 generous pinch Black Pepper
  • 1 tbsp Honey buy good quality organic honey where possible
  • 1 1/2 cups Filtered Water or coconut water


  • Slice up the apples, ginger and turmeric root (if using) and add to a large blender jug – there's no need to peel them.
  • Slice the oranges and lemons into quarters and carefully remove the skin with a knife. Add the inner flesh to your blender jug. Alternatively, you can juice the oranges and lemons and add the citrus juice in.
  • Add the remaining ingredients (honey, turmeric powder if using, black pepper and filtered water/coconut water) to the blender jug.
  • Blend everything on high speed until it is smooth.
  • Strain the ginger shots mixture into a jug using a fine mesh sieve or cheesecloth.
  • Once all the mixture is strained, pour into your favourite glasses or bottles and enjoy!


  • Leftover ginger shots can be stored in an airtight bottle in the fridge for up to 3 days. Ensure you shake it well before serving.
  • Feel free to add any additional ingredients such as mango, pineapple or cayenne pepper – make it your own!


Serving: 1shotCalories: 112kcalCarbohydrates: 29.3gProtein: 1.5gFat: 0.6gSaturated Fat: 0.1gSodium: 4mgFiber: 5.3gSugar: 19g
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