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What is pasta?

Pasta is a dried semolina dough often formed into various shapes.

Is pasta healthy?

I like to use wholewheat pasta for extra health benefits. Make sure to top it with a healthy sauce!

How do I use pasta?

Cooked pasta with sauce can be a deliciously simple meal on its own, with some vegan pesto or hidden vegetable pasta sauce. You could even make pasta salad or pasta bake!

One Pot Feta Pasta

a pot of spaghetti with two forks in it

One pot feta pasta is a cinch to make and comes together in under half an hour! A creamy and cheesy vegetarian dinner.

Hidden Vegetable Pasta Sauce

a jar of hidden vegetable pasta sauce

Fool your children with this super tasty, super secretly HEALTHY hidden vegetable pasta sauce! Vegan, gluten-free, and meal-prep friendly!

Creamy Vegan Pesto Pasta

a bowl of pesto pasta topped with hazelnuts

This vegan pesto pasta recipe is deliciously creamy, and can be made oil-free by replacing the oil with water.

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