chilli flakes


What are chilli flakes?

Chilli flakes are dried and crushed chillies, seeds and all. They most definitely pack a punch!


Are chilli flakes healthy?

Chilli flakes can clear your sinuses so are great if you have a cold. They can also boost your metabolism!


How do I use chilli flakes?

Chilli flakes add a spicy kick to many savoury dishes. I like to sprinkle them on avocado toast, add a teaspoon into bean chilli, or use in black bean burgers.


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Chilli Flakes Recipes:

Baked Curried Cauliflower Steaks (vegan)

overhead photograph of curried cauliflower steaks with yoghurt, chilli flakes and coriander

These baked curried cauliflower steaks are spicy, flavoursome and perfectly caramelised. Serve with creamy non-dairy yoghurt for the perfect starter!

Easy Vegan Black Bean Burgers

side shot of vegan black bean burgers on a wooden board

These quick and easy vegan black bean burgers are packed with plant-based protein. This healthy recipe will soon become your go-to weeknight dinner!

How to make Falafel

An easy and healthy vegan baked falafel recipe. With this basic homemade falafel there are endless possibilities of dishes!

Vegan Chilli ‘Cheese’ Popcorn

Vegan Chilli Cheese Popcorn

An easy and healthy recipe for vegan chilli ‘cheese’ popcorn made with nutritional yeast! Deliciously moreish, vegan and gluten-free.

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