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Chia Seeds

What are chia seeds?

Chia seeds are the edible seeds of a flowering plant in the mint family.

Are chia seeds healthy?

Chia seeds contain all nine essential amino acids. They are also high in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and antioxidants!

How do I use chia seeds?

Chia seeds can be soaked in water to form a gel-like substance called mucilage. I like to add them to chia jam, overnight oats or chia pudding.

Rose Cardamom Chia Pudding Recipe

a bowl of chia seed pudding topped with rose petals, pistachios and flowers

This flavourful rose and cardamom chia pudding is made with just 4 ingredients! A delicious and nutritious breakfast, dessert or snack.

Coffee Chia Pudding

a jar of chia pudding topped with raspberries

This coffee chia pudding recipe is the perfect healthy breakfast or dessert! Made super easily in one jar, with just 5 vegan ingredients.

Vegan French Toast

French toast being dug into with a fork

Brunch in style with this vegan french toast! A healthier reinvention of the classic sweet breakfast, made with no eggs or dairy!

Raspberry Chia Jam

a pot of raspberry chia seed jam

A recipe for naturally-sweetened chia jam. A healthier alternative to jam which comes together in under 20 minutes!

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