6 Vegan Snacks at Disney World Florida

I had the most amazing time on holiday in Orlando, FL! This was my first time in the States, and the main thing I noticed is that everything really is bigger across the pond. And when it comes to food, that is a BLESSING. (hello: family sized packets of oreos!)

Being a huge Disney fan, of course I had to visit Disney World. And it did not disappoint!

Vegan Snacks at Disney World | Shivani Loves Food

Food in the theme parks is expensive, and you will find that vegan and vegetarian choices, whilst present, are limited. My family decided to bring sandwiches, snacks, and water with us so we could a) keep fuelled for cheaper and b) eat something that wasn’t deep fried for lunch everyday.

Occasionally, we bought some of the fresh delights dotted around the park for snacks – a lot of these snacks are in fact vegan! Whilst I did not try them all, I did smell them all, and if my sense of smell is anything to go by, you are going to like these a LOT.

Psst = If you are looking for full lists of all available vegan snack options at Disney World, check out the amazing Vegan Disney World site, which is a must-view for any vegans going soon!


1. Mickey Pretzels.

Vegan Snacks at Disney World | Shivani Loves Food

If you don’t come to Disney World and buy one of these, did you even really go to Disney World? Just a little bit of pretzel philosophy for you. The cheese sauce is not vegan but the fluffy pretzel is so tasty that you won’t miss it! And make sure to take a snap for the ‘gram – these are just too cute. 

Where to get them from? Pretty much anywhere across all parks – just look out for the carts selling them.

2. Jumbo Pretzels. 

Yes, that’s right, not all pretzels in Disney World are shaped like Mickey Mouse! The staff kindly pulled out an allergen folder and we confirmed the jumbo pretzels are vegan. I actually found the jumbo pretzel to be fluffier and less dry than the Mickey Mouse-shaped one.

Where to get them from? Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom!

3. Popcorn. 

Disney popcorn is something I didn’t try, but I smelt it at every corner. And it smelt divine. The buttery flavouring they use is vegan! I saw a lot of people who had purchased souvenir popcorn buckets – how they will manage to pack them in their suitcase to take home I have no idea. Especially if their bags are full of unique oreo flavours like mine was.

Where to get it from? All the parks sell popcorn in carts – keep an eye out for them!

4. Pineapple Dole Whip. 

Vegan Snacks at Disney World | Shivani Loves Food

Pineapple dole whip is a famous Disney World treat which is perfect for a hot day, and is 100% vegan! I found it a little sweet for my palette, but the pineapple flavour was refreshing and the soft serve was perfectly smooth.

Where to get it from? Tamu Tamu Refreshments in Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom.

5. Ice Cream. 

Another thing I didn’t get around to trying, but Disney World sells both sorbets and dairy-free ice cream flavours in the ice cream shops. And in the Florida heat, you’ll definitely want something to cool you down!

Where to get it from? All the parks have at least one ice cream shop – make sure to ask the staff which ice creams are dairy-free!

6. Chips (aka fries).

Chips in Disney World cost about 4 times more than fast food chains, but they are mighty delicious.

Where to get them from? We bought them from The ABC Cafe in Hollywood Studios – they also had a vegan burger! You can also get fries in the other parks at any of the fast food places.

I hope you enjoyed this list – make sure to pin it for future reference too! And if you are going to Disney World anytime soon, have a great trip!


Vegan Snacks at Disney World | Shivani Loves Food
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