Vanilla Almond Milk Recipe

Vanilla Almond Milk Recipe
A simple homemade Vanilla Almond Milk Recipe. This vegan, dairy-free milk-alternative is quick to make and is perfect for smoothies and hot drinks.
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Let’s talk about Mylk.

Almonds, Dates, Vanilla + Water. That’s all you need for this delicious vanilla almond milk recipe. That and some not-so-fancy equipment, but we’ll get to that later.

Being vegan, I don’t drink milk. I drink mylk, which is the cool-kid term for that creamy, protein-packed drink that has become part of our daily diet. And guess what? It is so easy to make! This vanilla almond milk recipe is not only ready in 15 minutes (with a cheeky overnight hack) but it is quite possibly the silkiest, smoothest thing I have ever drank.

Vanilla Almond Milk Recipe | Shivani Loves Food

This drink begins with raw almonds (see the recipe notes for other nut suggestions) soaked overnight in cold water. You will not be surprised to hear that I have done some research into what happens to almonds when you soak them. As it happens, soaking almonds actually increases their nutritional benefits:

  • Ever wondered what’s in the almond skin? Me neither. But now that I have raised the question in your mind, you will be glad to hear that the skin of the almond contains an enzyme inhibitor called tannin. This molecule prevents us from absorbing the nutrients present in almonds. However, when you soak almonds, their nutrients release more easily.
  • It makes them softer. And that means it is not only easier to digest, but to blend soaked almonds. Great for making a certain vanilla almond milk recipe 😉
  • Enzymes release. One of which is lipase, involved in breaking down lipids i.e fats
  • Phytic acid breaks down. This means you can absorb the phytic acid better, and it doesn’t get trapped in the gut causing mineral deficiencies.

The nutritionally superior soaked almonds are now added to a blender with fresh water, dates and vanilla extract. The latter two ingredients are optional, however I like the extra sweetness that dates bring, and I am obsessed with anything vanilla-flavoured so it just makes sense here. But think, you could add anything to this recipe really! Here’s just a few ideas:

  • Add a few strawberries to the blender and blend well, then strain.
  • Same as above, but with blueberries. There’s just something about blueberries and almonds that works so well.
  • Add a few teaspoons cacao powder to the blender for a chocolate milk. y.u.m.
  • Keep it plain and simple, with just almonds, water + a pinch of salt.

Vanilla Almond Milk Recipe | Shivani Loves Food

In terms of equipment, you really don’t need anything fancy. You will need a high-speed blender such as a Vitamix, to break up the almonds and combine them with the water, making this vanilla almond milk recipe extra creamy. I have not tried making this with a low-speed blender, but I suspect with a little perseverance you can get similar results. And don’t forget, we are straining all the lumps out so it doesn’t have to be blended to a silky-smooth consistency.

I was always convinced you needed a nut milk bag to make almond milk. However, all you really need is a large square of semi-permeable fabric. I use an old napkin which works perfectly. If you can’t find anything to use, or you see yourself becoming an avid nut-milk maker in the near future, you can purchase a pack of two nut milk bags here.

Vanilla Almond Milk Recipe | Shivani Loves Food

When squeezing the vanilla almond milk from the bag, it is vital to squeeze every last drop from the bag to prevent wastage. Seriously, you won’t want to waste a single drop of this almond milk! Remaining in the bag you will have the almond ‘pulp’. This is great for adding to smoothies and energy ball recipes such as these:

Vanilla Almond Milk Recipe | Shivani Loves Food

Once you strain your vanilla almond milk, it is ready to drink and use in delicious recipes! May I suggest adding your (very own homemade!) almond milk to:

If you make this vanilla almond milk recipe, or any other recipe from my blog, I’d love to see your creations! Don’t forget to tag me on instagram @shivaniblogs and to use the hashtag #shivanilovesfood so I can find you!

Vanilla Almond Milk Recipe | Shivani Loves Food

Vanilla Almond Milk Recipe

A simple homemade Vanilla Almond Milk Recipe. This vegan, dairy-free milk-alternative is quick to make and is perfect for smoothies and hot drinks.

Course Drinks
Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 123 kcal
Author Shivani Raja


  • 70 grams Raw Almonds
  • 3 Deglet Nour Dates pitted
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract
  • 400 millilitres Water


  1. Add the almonds to a medium bowl, submerge in water and cover the bowl. Leave to soak for 8-24 hours. The longer you soak the almonds, the creamier your almond milk will be. If you are soaking for a particularly long time, you may wish to change the water. 

  2. Drain the almonds and add to your high-speed blender along with the dates, vanilla extract and water.

  3. Blend until the almonds have broken and the milk is creamy and frothy. Don't worry about it being completely smooth, as we are going to strain it.

  4. Pour the almond milk into a nut milk bag/large napkin over a jug. Squeeze out the almond milk from the bag. 

  5. Serve the almond milk chilled. You can use it in smoothies, lattes, on cereal, or even on it's own. And don't forget to reserve the leftover pulp to use in energy balls, smoothies and snacks!


  • A good idea would be to soak your almonds overnight and blend them in the morning so you can have fresh almond milk with your breakfast.
  • You could also use other nuts! I haven't tried this yet, but am looking forward to doing so. I would expect hazelnuts, cashews and walnuts to work particularly well. 



















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Vanilla Almond Milk Recipe | Shivani Loves Food


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