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Are you looking to take better food photos? Welcome to food photography made simple! In this guide you’ll learn the basics of photographing food, from buying and using the right gear to crafting and editing a beautiful composition!

This 60-page, high-quality eBook contains 10 chapters PACKED with tips and tricks for taking mouth-watering food photographs. You’ll also get 3 bonus mini-chapters!

Why good food photography matters:

When I took my first food photo, I didn’t have a clue about lighting, composition, or editing. Fast forward to now, and I have real clients paying me to take photos for them. I’ve worked with brands such as Heinz, Tesco and Ribena. My blog has been nominated for an award. My photos have even been featured in a magazine!

I’m not telling you any of this to brag, but rather to show you where that clueless 16-year old has come to. Because the truth is, this can be you too. If you’re constantly wishing you could take better food photos, then you’re in the right place!

Whether you are looking to drive more traffic to your blog, increase sales of your product, or bring more customers to your restaurant, the trick to doing these things lies in mouth-watering food photography. And I’m here to help you with that part!

Benefits of this eBook:

  • You’ll receive lifetime access to this content – YAY!
  • I explain everything in a simple manner, and in the same friendly and relatable tone that you know and love from the blog – this is NOT a monotonous textbook!
  • I share my hacks for being a food photographer on a budget – I’m not here to encourage you to buy expensive equipment or subscribe to editing software.
  • In addition to the 10 chapters covering everything from lighting to composition to editing, you’ll receive 3 bonus mini chapters including a DSLR cheat sheet to keep with you on shoots!
  • Each chapter has an actionable homework for you to complete and share with me via Instagram!

Food photography made simple: content:

Food Photography Made Simple contains 10 chapters jam-packed with food photography tips. Here’s what to expect from this eBook:

Chapter 1: The Gear. This chapter covers all the equipment you’ll need to get started with food photography, from cameras to backgrounds to props and more!
Chapter 2: Using Your DSLR. This chapter covers the basics of using a DSLR, including aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
Chapter 3: Lighting. In this chapter, we discuss the properties of the best light for food photography.
Chapter 4: Composition. This chapter delves into some simple techniques to elevate your compositions!
Chapter 5: Colour. In this chapter, we discuss the different ways to use colour in your food photos.
Chapter 6: Food Styling. This chapter covers some simple tips and tricks to style food to make it more aesthetically pleasing.
Chapter 7: Props. This chapter covers the importance of using props in your food photos, and I also share my list of 8 essential food photography props!
Chapter 8: Planning Your Photoshoots. In this chapter we discuss what to keep in mind when planning your compositions.
Chapter 9: Shoot Day. This chapter I share my tips and tricks for making shoot day run as smoothly as possible!
Chapter 10: Editing Food Photos. Editing is SO important in food photography, and in this chapter I share how you can do it (for free!)

And as if that wasn’t enough information already, you’ll also receive 3 bonus mini-chapters:

*Bonus 1* DSLR Cheat Sheet
*Bonus 2* The 3 Main Angles in Food Photography
*Bonus 3* Taking Action Shots

Each main chapter contains an actionable homework for you to complete and share with me via Instagram. There’s also a handy homework checklist at the end of the eBook for you to keep track of your assignments!

In addition to this, you’ll also receive a glossary defining some unfamiliar photography terms.

This eBook is for you if…

  • You are new to food photography and are looking for a place to start
  • You feel your photographs are lacking something and want to take better food photos
  • You are excited to learn more about lighting, composition and editing.

This eBook is NOT for you if you think you’re already a pro! Food Photography Made Simple is aimed at beginner/intermediate photographers.

Still not sure if this is the right purchase for you? Click here for a sneaky preview of chapter 7: props!

If you have any queries regarding this eBook send an email to [email protected] Note that due to the downloadable nature of this product, refunds are not offered.

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Happy photographing!


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  1. Shivani Shah (verified owner)

    Shivani is super talented in good photography. This comprehensive e-book covers so many aspects of capturing food photography. Great for beginners who want to learn more or those that want to improve their skills.

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