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6 Reasons to eat more Broccoli

It’s got a bad reputation, but great health benefits! Find out why you should be incorporating more Broccoli into your diet.

It’s time for a BROCCOLI APPRECIATION post. I am a self-confessed Broccoholic, but I’m not complaining. I have compiled a list of reasons why you should love this vegetable just as much, if not more, than I do. Hmm…maybe its not possible to love broccoli more than I do!
6 Reasons to eat more Broccoli | Shivani Loves FoodLook at that beauty! Why does broccoli have such a bad rep these days? If only today’s children would step away from their iPads for 5 minutes maybe they would appreciate the true wonder of nature that is the humble broccoli. Said the 17 year-old typing on her laptop…but at least I eat my broccoli ahaha.

Here are 6 reasons (yes, six!) why you should eat more broccoli:

  1. It is high in Vitamin K. If you have read this post (and I recommend you do, some great stuff there) then you will know that Vitamin K is a coagulant, which means it helps blood to clot when you have a wound. So if like me you are prone to falling over (I once tripped over my shoelaces and fell flat on the ground in front of two coaches full of students and teachers) then ya better eat ya broc.
  2. Broccoli contains Vitamin C. This Vitamin helps the body to form and maintain connective tissue, including the formation of the protein collagen, which is the main component of the skin. Therefore, if you want to keep looking baby faced, eat your greens!
  3. Broccoli contains iron. If you are looking to treat or prevent anaemia, make sure you consume foods high in folate such as broccoli and spinach.
  4. It’s GREEN. The reason broccoli, and other green foods, are green is because of the pigment chlorophyll which is present in these foods. Chlorophyll has been shown to fight cancer and improve liver detoxification. Also, green is a positive colour, so eating broccoli makes you happy happy happy!
  5. It might help those suffering from arthritis. Broccoli contains a chemical called sulforaphane, which slows down the destruction of cartilage in joints. Sulforaphane also reverses the effects of carcinogenic biohazards such as air pollution.
  6. It’s low calorie. So basically, you could eat a whole head of broccoli in one go and be completely fine. In fact, you would probably be better off. Don’t think I haven’t thought about doing this before…

My favourite ways to eat broccoli:

  • Steamed. Simply break the broc into bite-sized pieces and place in a microwaveable bowl with a little water. Cook on the fresh vegetables setting of your microwave until the broccoli is bright green and tender.
  • In a stir fry. Just steam a little broccoli as above and toss into your favourite stir fry veg. Serve with tofu, rice noodles + soy sauce and you’ve got yourself a pretty nutritious meal.
  • With pesto pasta. Or any kind of pasta.
  • On pizza. Yep, that’s right – broccoli on pizza. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.
Now go eat ya broccoli! What are you waiting for?

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