5 Reasons to eat more Blueberries | Shivani Loves Food

5 Reasons to eat more Blueberries

Are YOU eating enough blueberries? Read this post to find out.
By now it is common news that I LOVE food and sharing yummy + healthy recipes. So I thought I would start a new series highlighting the importance of certain fruits and vegetables, called ‘Powerful Plants’. I’m starting with a small but mighty berry with a deep indigo hue: the blueberry.

I don’t favouritise when it comes to fruit and veg. However, there are certain fruits and vegetables who belong in a certain ‘squad’ of sorts: the superfoods. These foods are said to be high in nutrients and blueberries are definitely one of them.

5 Reasons to eat more Blueberries | Shivani Loves

  1. Blueberries are high in Vitamin K. Vitamin K is important for blood coagulation, which is a fancy word for clotting. This means that when you get a cut, your blood will clot which enables the wound to heal properly.
  2. Blueberries are a good source of Antioxidants. Antioxidants is a word which gets thrown around a bit, don’t you think? Well, an antioxidant is something which prevents oxidation, as the name would suggest! Oxidation produces ‘free radicals’, which are atoms with unpaired electrons. These radicals will often start a chain reaction with other radicals leading to cells functioning poorly. This could lead to development of heart disease or diabetes. Antioxidants are key molecules which can terminate this chain reaction.
  3. They can help improve your memory (allegedly). Studies have shown consuming blueberries improves cognitive function. Especially around exam season, it’s best to munch on a handful of bluebs when revising, just in case!
  4. They are low in calories. 100g of blueberries is 57 calories, which means you can eat a whole punnet and not feel guilty! (except for the fact that blueberries are hella expensive in the UK haha)
  5. They’re delicious! Whilst being incredibly good for your body, blueberries also make a yummy snack, meaning blueberry consumption is a win-win! yay 🙂
My favourite ways to eat blueberries:
  • With yoghurt + granola – this makes for an AMAZING breakfast
  • In a smoothie – recipe here
  • On their own
  • In a muffin! Probably not the best way to eat them but let’s face it, I’ve never met a blueberry muffin I didn’t like.


5 Reasons to eat more Blueberries | Shivani Loves *DISCLAIMER* I am not a Registered Dietician. I just love food and am fascinated by the human body 🙂

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