25 Vegan Recipes with Pantry Ingredients

Given the current global situation, a lot of us are stuck inside and perhaps running out of fresh ingredients. I’ve compiled a list of 25 vegan recipes with pantry ingredients for when you think you have nothing to cook!

If you haven’t seen it already, do check out my virtual pantry, where you can browse my most-used ingredients and find recipes with them!

All 25 recipes in this roundup are made with plant-based pantry ingredients and require minimal fresh produce. If you are looking to make your fresh produce last longer, you can freeze it for later use. You can also buy things like bottled lemon juice to bring freshness to your meals.

Don’t think of pantry food as boring – this is a great opportunity to try new recipes, and the key to keeping them tasty is to add lots of flavour and spice!

1. Chickpea Sweet Potato Curry

overhead photograph of curry in a pot alongisde a bowl of rice and some ingredients

Sweet potatoes and chickpeas are staple pantry ingredients. Put them to good use in this chickpea sweet potato curry! To make it even more pantry friendly, you can sub dried alternatives for the onion and garlic, and omit the vegetables or replace with frozen alternatives.

2. PUmpkin SPice Muffins

overhead photograph of a pumpkin spice muffin

Looking for ways to use that tin of pumpkin puree in your cupboard? Look no further than these pumpkin spice muffins! This recipe is entirely pantry friendly – I guarantee you will already have all of the ingredients 🙂

3. Easy Pilau Rice

an overhead photograph of pilau rice in a pot

Rice is another pantry staple and I love using it in fragrant dishes like this one. Using frozen peas keeps things pantry friendly, and you could also add other frozen vegetables if you like!

4. CHocolate Orange Granola

freshly baked granola on a tray

Granola is one of my favourite things and you can’t beat this chocolate orange version. While the recipe does call for fresh clementine juice, you can substitute store-bought if required. You can also check out my stovetop granola recipe for if you are in a pinch!

5. One pot Vegan CHili

Another great recipe with pantry ingredients, this vegan chili is a family favourite! To make it even more pantry-friendly use dried onion and garlic, and omit the carrot/ substitute frozen carrot.

6. Masala Chai

a glass of masala chai topped with star anise

If you’re craving a cosy and comforting drink, this masala chai recipe is for you. You can use long-life soy milk or even make your own almond milk for this pantry recipe.

7. Chocolate peanut butter energy balls

overhead photograph of some energy balls in a bowl with a bite taken from one

These chocolate peanut butter energy balls make the perfect pick-me-up, and you’re bound to have all of the ingredients already sitting in your pantry!

8. Vegan French Toast

Vegan French Toast | Shivani Loves Food

Got some stale bread? Put it to good use in this easy vegan french toast! Serve with frozen berries or keep it simple with a little maple syrup for a breakfast treat.

9. Easy Falafel

This falafel recipe is made with tinned chickpeas and lots of spices. You can omit the spinach and fresh coriander if required. Serve with some fluffy quinoa or enjoy alone for a tasty snack!

10. Bakery-style blueberry muffins

Vegan Bakery-Style Blueberry Muffins

Frozen blueberries star in this recipe for fluffy blueberry muffins. They’re quick, easy and so irresistible!

11. Beetroot Hummus

Beetroot Hummus

Pre-cooked beetroot is the only fresh ingredient you’ll need for this vegan pantry recipe. If you do not have any beetroot, simply omit to make classic hummus.

12. Vegan Coconut Slice

vegan coconut slice

This vegan coconut slice recipe is the perfect sweet treat. Best of all, it’s made with whole foods, plant-based ingredients!

13. PIstachio ALmond BUtter

overhead shot of pistachio almond butter swirled in a jar

Why not try making your own nut butter? This pistachio almond version is a firm favourite, but you could switch things up by using different nuts such as peanuts, walnuts, or hazlenuts!

14. Polenta Chips

overhead shot of crispy polenta fries in a bowl with a bowl of avocado pesto

This crispy side dish is made with one of my favourite pantry staples: polenta. Polenta chips are the perfect accompaniment to any meal!

15. Coffee chia seed pudding

side photograph of three glasses of chia pudding

Chia seed pudding is another great pantry-friendly breakfast or dessert. I like to top mine with sliced banana and some shaved dark chocolate!

16. Chocolate Chip baked oatmeal

chocolate chip baked oatmeal

Baked oatmeal is a healthy and tasty breakfast. Add some chunks of rich dark chocolate and you’ve got yourself a real treat!

17. 4-ingredient crepes

whole wheat vegan crepes

4 ingredients. Yes, just 4 INGREDIENTS to make these tasty vegan crepes. And of course, you’ll find all 4 ingredients sitting in your pantry!

18. Black bean burgers

side shot of vegan black bean burgers on a wooden board

These quick and easy vegan black bean burgers are one of my favourite pantry recipes. They require minimal ingredients to prepare and last well in the freezer too!

19. PB&J overnight oats

3 jars of overnight oats in a row

Using frozen raspberries in this overnight oatmeal recipe makes it a perfect vegan pantry recipe. Oats are a great pantry staple as they are packed with fiber and protein!

20. Chilli cheese popcorn

Vegan Chilli Cheese Popcorn

This vegan chilli ‘cheese’ popcorn is another recipe made exclusively with pantry ingredients. It’s the perfect healthy snack to make for your next movie night!

21. Chocolate chip banana bread

overhead photograph of a sliced loaf of banana bread

Got some ripe bananas to use up! Put them to good use in this delicious chocolate chip banana bread. It’s a firm favourite among my friends, and after just one bite you’ll realise why!

22. Mexican-style stuffed sweet potatoes

close up of a baked potato with avocado

These black bean-stuffed sweet potatoes are one of my favourite filling dinners. To make them pantry friendly you can omit the avocado topping and use dried onion and garlic if required.

23. Green smoothie

close up photograph of a green smoothie

Smoothies are usually thought of as not particularly pantry-friendly, but this green smoothie recipe is easily made using frozen fruits and vegetables! You can also substitute dried ginger for fresh if needed.

24. Hassleback Potatoes

cooked hassleback potatoes up close

Got some potatoes in your pantry? Turn them into these delicious hasselbacks!

25. Vegan chocolate cupcakes

side photograph of three cupcakes

This vegan chocolate cupcake recipe is surprisingly pantry-friendly! The only fresh ingredient you’ll need is some dairy-free spread – the rest of the ingredients are probably in your pantry right now 😉

I hope you are all doing well at this difficult time. As always let me know if you try any of my recipes by tagging me on Instagram @shivanilf and using #shivanilovesfood.

Sending you all lots of love and chocolate x

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